In 2003 four young men, residents of Ohio University’s South Green residence halls, came together to play guitars and various other instruments. Before long, these young men, Nick Baum, Mark Klosterman, Carl Brown, and Matt Norman had made an improvised recording some 40 minutes in length. The music was often strange, sometimes scary, and even occasionally sentimental, thus giving birth to Grizzly Paddington’s first incarnation; Taped in Blue. Shortly after configuring a better, higher quality recording facility within the realm of Weld House room 316, Taped In Blue set off to record an album that would be titled “Culmination of a Lifelong Dream”. The album featured the musicians playing different combinations of instruments from song to song, with much of the songwriting credit being spread among the group.




        Taped In Blue’s first ever performance occurred November 4th 2003 at room 316 in River Park building 38 to an overflowing audience that represented walks of life from all over the world. Taped in Blue performed sparingly however and Nick Baum slowly phased out of the band as he moved away to pursue woodworking and later on knowledge of film. The 3-member Taped in Blue continued to carry on however, playing a handful of shows with the legendary band Balls on You. During this time the band was working on new album that is now 3 years in the making, “Counterfeit Utopia”. 2004 saw a year of little activity as far as performing, however it provided much time for a reinvention of the band including a new name; Grizzly Paddington.


        By 2005 Grizzly Paddington was all but inactive. Carl Brown eventually left to pursue other activities, and at this point the two remaining members, Matt Norman and Mark Klosterman were drummerless, so they called upon Bill Sowa, drummer of the now defunct Balls on You to smack the skins for the Paddington.


        Grizzly Paddington as we know it today gave their first performance to a very warm, packed audience at O’Hooley’s Bar in Athens.


        Today Grizzly Paddington has finished working on their final song for Counterfeit Utopia.  All the songs on the album are free to download from this website.



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