The Whale Song


I was on the coast
without a place of my own
when I came upon a village
where I was given a home
Well the villagers were hungry
they were just about to starve
So I stepped in to help on my part

I was getting ready to finally set sail
If I was gonna feed the village I'd hafta kill me a whale
That old whale was a son of a bitch
He was 60 feet long if he were an inch
My battle with the whale raged all through the night
Good old whale can really put up a fight

Whale waved his his fin and he started to say
Please young man can we try another way
I happen to be the soul of the sea
All the other fishes would die without me

i took my ship and turned it around
and later that day we got back to town
with rain from the sky the people were fed
and with wisdom from the sea the people were led

no amount of death kills the hunger of man
even when war is the law of the land